Collection Agency

The Collections Process Is Broken

Collection Agency

The Collections Process Is Broken

Most Canadians do not have the cash on hand to
pay off a collections item in full


Of pay cheque to pay cheque Canadians lack confidence in their banks supporting them during financial difficulty.


Could handle not getting paid for 3 weeks or more. 38% said they could only go one week without getting paid, while another 33% could handle two weeks without getting paid.


Would have no way to pay for an unplanned emergency expense, and another 25% would have to turn to friends and family for help. In other words, nearly half of respondents are not financially prepared for difficult financial situations.

Let us help you fix it!

You’re in the business of collecting delinquent debt, not lending money. Leave that part to us. We empower customers to instantly pay off their collections item in full and start rebuilding their credit.

We have facilitated over $110 million in healthy collection recoveries for Canada’s biggest banks and enterprises including:

1000 Day Collection Cycle Journey

Our solutions deliver significant customer and business value during all phases of the collections cycle and improve recovers 2.5x compared to traditional collection methods.

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