It all starts with the Progressa Score

Driven by advanced data science our enterprise solutions suite offers collections agencies and point of sale finance companies:

Progressa Score
  • Proprietary methodology and advanced data science to make a more accurate assessment of a borrower's true creditworthiness by analyzing their current financial behaviour
  • Analyze over 1,000 data points per application
  • Say ‘Yes’ to subprime and near prime Canadian consumer credit scores (traditional scores ranging from 400 to 650)
  • We onboard and service the non-prime consumer, allowing you to focus on your business objectives
  • Backed with over 6 years of real lending data to non prime consumers with industry leading predictiveness of repayment
Progressa Score
Designed for Enterprise

Designed for the enterprise

Empower internal and external collection teams to:

  • Offer proactive solutions to former customers and drive healthy recoveries
  • Protect brand reputation with industry leading NPS and servicing, and
  • Offer value-add services including financial literacy products and credit monitoring tools, at the point-of-engagement

Enable point-of-sale platform partners and other originators to:

  • Expand merchant offerings to service non-prime Canadian consumers
  • Ramp quickly with ‘turnkey’ software integration, full on-boarding team, software maintenance, and support, and
  • Rest assured with servicing and protection for proprietary merchant networks

With Progressa Suite of Solutions



  • Time to market
  • Revenues
  • Market share
  • Recoveries
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Capacity