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Unlock your customer’s true creditworthiness by putting Progressa’s proprietary methodology and advanced data science to work for your business. Our suite of solutions can improve:

  • Time to market
  • Revenues
  • Market share
  • Recoveries
  • Customer satisfaction and service quality
  • Cost efficiencies
  • Capacity
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For: Originators, engagement platforms and enterprise debt consolidation

Make a more accurate assessment of a borrower’s true credit worthiness with Progressa Score™ - a 5th Generation, market leading proprietary scoring model that can assess financial behavior in real-time. It’s backed with over 6 years of real lending data to non prime consumers with industry leading predictiveness of repayment.


  • Helps lenders increase approval and conversion rates and offers borrowers’ better access to financing. Participate in a large and expanding market for loans to non-prime borrowers.
  • Sophisticated credit modeling offers and effective approach to unsecured consumer finance.
  • Provides objective credit decisioning based on data science and algorithm scores, not human biases.

How the Progressa Score Transforms The Non-Prime Lending Space

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For: Collection agencies, enterprise debt consolidation and debt buyers

Offer real-time collections financing options to your tier 1 and later 3rd party debt through Progressa Engage™. Purpose-built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, Progressa Engage™ leverages Progressa Score™ for qualification, and handles the processing of a consumer going through a collections process seamlessly and with the least amount of friction as possible.


  • Offers financing solutions to your later stage collections consumers to help them finance the repayment of their debts improving recoveries.
  • Enhances loan origination and the borrower experience. With Progressa Engage™, you can automate and streamline your loans originations workflow through a frictionless process. The value proposition to the consumer is about creating flexibility for them at the point-of-engagement.
  • Provides objective credit decisioning based on data science and algorithm scores, not human biases.

For: Originators, point-of-sale platforms

Open new ecosystems to expand into markets you may not have previously considered with Progressa Connect™ .


  • Grows your sales by offering installment payment plans for your customers during the origination process
  • Leverages our robust API capabilities and approve non-prime consumer credit instantaneously
  • Provides real-time approvals directly from your existing user interface through a simple integration

For: Enterprise debt consolidation and
debt buyers

Take advantage of a revolutionary new way to analyze late stage delinquencies and positively impact your collections engagement strategy with Progressa Optimize™. Working with TransUnion Canada®, we analyze your late tier contingency debt as well as pre-debt sale charge-offs and append a Progressa Score™ allowing for more efficient segmentation. This provides your enterprise with a range of options that were previously not possible, and will fundamentally change the engagement strategy, leading to improvements to both your bottom line and brand reputation.


  • Assesses credit worthiness without impacting the consumer’s credit score
  • Optimizes your collections recoveries on late-tier debt
  • Reduces stress for your customers by engaging with positive solutions
  • Improves your enterprise’s brand awareness and Net Promotor Score (NPS)
  • Improves your odds of customer re-acquisition

How Progressa Optimize Revolutionizes Collections Recoveries On Late-Tier Debt

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